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I’m Tomás, I design websites
tailored to your needs.

I specialize in tourism related websites.

Web design, crafted to fit your style.

Sup! I’m Tomás Perren, I design fully customizable websites that will fit perfectly with your brand identity. I specialize in the tourism industry, like Travel Agencies, Hospitality, gastronomy and others.

A few caracteristics of my websites

They are made in wordpress, so the website will be quite easy to improve in the future if needed.

They are SEO optimized, in other words, I structure the website the way browsers likes it.

I don’t use templates. Your website design should be made to fit the needs of your proyect, not the other way around.

My websites are delivered with video tutorials that explain how to edit every single aspect of your site.

About me.

I’m Tomás Perren, a freelancer located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s nice to meet you!

I started to learn about design a few years ago, I was the Community Manager of a Non Profit for a while, and I quickly realized that I loved to do it. In that time period I designed their website, you can check it out here:

At the same time I was (and still am, but so dang close) studing to get a degree in Tourism. I know the industry, and sadly, we are a bit behind in the digital era. Let’s fix this together!

My goal is to help small startups start their digital journey, the road is long and scary for the non tech savy people, but luckily, i love to teach. You won’t get a just a website with me, you get a new tool too.

Are you ready for it? Contact me

My portfolio

A few projects I finished lately:

Cámara de Profesionales en Turismo de Paso de la Patria:

Camino de los Jesuitas

Contact me

Getting in touch with me is quite easy, if you are in a mobile device look at the bottom of the page you have icons that redirect you to my Email and whatsapp, so you can use that!

But in case you prefer to fill a web form, here you are: